Saturday, 20 September 2014

使徒行者 Line Walker

Hi everybody:)
I have been watching line walker recently and I really liked it, be it the cast or storyline-exciting and funny. 
I really like raymond lam and Charmaine sheh in this series. Good chemistry they have in there. Love 钉姐 and 爆 seed!! Both of them acted well and I hope both will grab the best actor and best actress award this year. Excited for their story development in the following episodes :)
The story is really exciting from the start. Although the story slowed down a little from ep15-20, I think that it is to prepare us for the interesting storyline in the following episodes. Who is the 5th UC and the blackcop?? Read a lot of comments online but I will just continue watching on and not guess. Haha...
Anyway, I think that this series allowed me to change my view towards Sammy shum. I hated him a lot in the past, but after this series, I think that he is quite a good actor. Benz hui also did well as foon hei and I pity that his son died.
This trio- Michael miu, raymond lam and Charmaine sheh- made this series really enjoyable. I was so disappointed that raymond was not nominated for the starhub tvb award for best actor and Charmaine sheh and raymond lam for best on screen couple award. 

I urge all of you to start watching this series as it is really the best this year up to now! Great cast and great storyline. I hope that they will sweep the awards at TVB award ceremony and ratings will continue to rise. 
I realize that there are very little active tvb bloggers this year, sad... 
I will only start actively blogging about tvb series again end if the year as I will be really busy. So I hope that you all will continue visiting my blog :)

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Storm in a cocoon Last 2 episodes!!

Watch storm in a cocoon(守业者)last episode! A nice and exciting drama! Hope that it's ratings are high. So who is Bing Bing's parents??? Will Bing bing and Ka Yeung have a happy ending?? It is now first on the list on mytv on Those in Hong Kong, remember to watch Storm in a cocoon today :D

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Storm in a cocoon

Hi everyone! Haven posted for months due to the busy school life. 
This post is to encourage all to watch storm in a cocoon ,守业者。It is a nice drama starring Steven Ma and Tavia Yeung. Their on screen chemistry is amazing!!!! ( somehow I feel that I like it more than Ming Yi) It may look unappealing to some, however it is really worth watching it. Both the cast and the storyline is strong. Next week is the finale of this series. I hope that the ratings would be high!! So please do support storm in a cocoon :) Those who gave up watching this series after a few episodes, I encourage you to pick up this series again. It gets more exciting and interesting as it reaches the finale. 

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Tavia & her onscreen partners

Found out that Tavia and Bosco/Ron have not been paired up for a long time already. Like Bosco more recently after watching Under the canopy of love. Do not really like Bosco and Eliza pairing in the recent drama Coffee cat mama. Tavia and Kevin Cheng should also pair up, this would be a fresh pairing. Good news: MingYi would be filming a new drama! Yay! 

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas :D

Merry Christmas everyone! 
So here's some pics of TVB artist.
Anyway, congrats Fred Cheng! He won " 2013 Sexiest Man Alive in china" award at and Kenneth!! This is so cute :D
And I heard that both of them went to Joey Yeung's concert with their mum. Joey even sang On Call's theme song during her concert. So meaningful.
Anyone still remember this drama?? This is under the canopy of love, starring Kevin Cheng, Niki Chow and Bosco Wong. I just rewatched it and finished it today!!! So nice!!!!!!!!!! If tvb can produce this kind of drama again, I would love it lots!! Actually, this seems to be the best drama I watched this year. Haha...

I am still writing about my thoughts on te Tvb awards 2013. So wait for it~~

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Congrats to all Tvb anniversary awards 2013 Winners!

Congrats all winners for the TVB anniversary awards 2013!
I would be posting a more detailed post on TVB anniversary awards 2013, so do look out for it.

Have you all watched the finale for THC2?? 
Love the scenes where Yuzai did the surgery for Yatjiantou. So touching.... 
Although there is really very little screen time of yutou this time, but I still feel tavia and Kenneth chemistry together. This may be the last time that tavia and Kenneth are working together with the character yuzai and Yatjiantou, so I was a little sad that THC2 was over. Actually I am hoping for a THC 3 and i hope that the scriptwriters and producers of THC2 had learnt their lessons and produce a good THC3 with more screen time of yutou and the original characters in THC. Let's hope for this to happen. I thought TVB said that they will accept ideas from audience? Hope that someone send in a good idea to TVB for THC3 and TVB can make this drama.

Friday, 13 December 2013

Is Mandy Wong going to be the next Tavia Yeung or Nancy Wu??

Mandy Wong started her career after the Miss Hong Kong 2007 beauty pageant. She was the top 5 finalist of the beauty pageant. However, she was not alike other Miss HKs who debuted in TVB taking on heavy supporting roles in dramas. While many from beauty pageants did not take on acting classes before debuting, Mandy attended TVB's acting class of 2008. She made a brief appearances and small supporting roles for a few years before she had a breakthrough role in the drama Suspects in Love where audiences started to notice her. From then onward, she took on heavy supporting roles in dramas such as Mei Suet in The Hippocratic Crush. She finally got the Most Improved Female Artiste award last year after working hard for many years. But, TVB seems to be casting her in many supporting roles instead of letting her tryout some lead roles. Even in the new drama, Housewife Madam, Priscilla Wong got the lead role while Mandy Wong got the supporting role.

This would be very similar to Nancy Wu. Lots had said that Nancy Wu has very good acting chops, even better than some of the Fadans now. However, TVB had been giving Nancy Wu many supporting roles over the years. She was only recognized by TVB last year as she was given the Best supporting actress award. Although TVB had given her some lead roles, but it was only second female leads or some male oriented dramas. One example would be the upcoming Midas drama, Nancy Wu is only second lead behind Kate Tsui. I think that Nancy Wu is better at acting than Kate Tsui. And since Nancy is so good at dancing, she should take the lead for dancing at the TVB gala show instead of always letting Kate Tsui take the lead for dancing. One thing I felt very angry about is that Eliza Sum seems to be leading over Nancy Wu in the new drama Coffee Cat Mama!! Eliza Sum had spoiled The Hippocratic Crush 2 with her bad acting and taking up to much screen time. How could TVB let Eliza Sum lead over Nancy?? So, is this going to be Mandy Wong's future, only getting supporting roles and not get good lead roles?? 

But, is Mandy Wong going to be the next Tavia Yeung instead? Tavia Yeung also started off getting cameo roles, but slowly she got recognised and got many supporting roles. Tavia then got lead roles and her hard work paid off as she got the Best Actress award last year. And Tavia Yeung is currently a top Fadan in TVB. If you want to know more about Tavia Yeung, I have a post about Tavia Yeung in this blog. 

Mandy Wong's career pathway in TVB now is very alike Tavia Yeung and Nancy Wu, but is her future going to be like Tavia Yeung or Nancy Wu?